Created by Isauro Fernandez, ki power living is a yoga, personal development and lifestyle movement. On a physical and technical level ki power living combines a vigorous yoga and martial art movement meditation with focused intention. On a deeper, philosophical level, ki power living is a way of living, a way of life. The movement is based on Isauro's mantra: "feel everything, force nothing" as you move through life. The ki power living lifestyle is about engaging all your senses and living your yoga, your dream, your now. It is about incorporating the same intensity and surrender on a yoga mat, in your relationships, at work, at play, when you savor a glass of wine or eat a mouthwatering piece of sushi. ki power living is about living your reality, not by someone else's rules but by yours. It is about living with intention, with passion, with flavor, with fire and with water. To know that everything happens for a reason that serves you, so that you can serve others.

In expressing the ki power living lifestyle you will capture the essence of zen - to be here now. The key to this transformation is to be totally present in this moment - "on the razors edge of now," as zen masters are fond of saying.  To be so total in the present moment that nothing that is not who you are can exist, thus you end up remembering who you are by letting go of who you think you are.

ki power living is activated through workshops, retreats, classes, newsletters, blogs and products with the purpose of creating zen awareness, intention and ki (energy). ki power living harnesses these universal laws and principles so that awareness manifests itself in a new and more powerfully authentic way to live.




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