ki power vinyasa is a powerful and purposeful blend of sweat, strength and spirit. It combines the movement and breath of Vinyasa with the grace, focus and physical intensity of the martial arts. Through his innovative flow, creator Isauro Fernandez seeks to connect his students with their ki – their life force, authentic self and essential energies. Isauro challenges his students to embark on a journey of personal development to uncover their authenticity through movement, meditation and mantra. Every class offers the opportunity to flow into an empowered and authentic self through an intense physical workout that is accessible to all levels. ki power vinyasa practitioners hone their spiritual alignment as well as their physical as they engage in this focused moving meditation.

Through ki power vinyasa workshops, retreats, classes, newsletters and blogs, the purpose is twofold: (1) To activate an awareness of intention and ki (energy) in our lives, and (2) To harness universal laws and principles so that awareness manifests itself in a new and more powerfully authentic way to live.
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